Illustration, Fine Art, Murals,Theatrical

I love color, deaply. I paint in all mediums any and every chance I get. The classic Oil on canvas, water color on rag, pastel, dip quill pen, acrylic, guache, digital bitmaps, vector graphics, and cell animation. It is a meditation for me. My steady hand and innate sense of style carry me into so many opportunities I can`t even believe. Some times I am 2 inches deep in a CNC machined foam lettering sign painting with the finest of brushes(Funjineers), and other times I am on a man lift 20 feet up spraying a sunset fade in a mall store(AZUR). My work can be the focus, in a gallery with frames and great lighting, or it can be the backdrop for the Nutcracker ballet, just setting the stage for the real art to play out in front of. I LOVE color!