Project Skill: paint

Fine Art

Classical techniques and materials yield a work of art that will last a lifetime. Traditional Oil Paints, or contmeporary Arcylics, and watercolors all on linen, rag, and board. Many are available at custom sizes by order. Custom carved frames for the lucky ones. The pictures you see below are representing whole series of pieces, ranging from 12 to 60. Many have been claimed by collectors but I try to get high res scans before letting them go so if there is one you would like as a print….this can be arranged. Oh, and each one of these will link...

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Lots of color and space, step back! Way back. Letès see some of these murals we’ve heard so much about. Cody paints buildings inside and out with dynamic images at times seem to emote feelings of intimacy, while others are so expressive they only come out one week a year! He paints, Bedrooms, living rooms, theatrical sets, movie props and Industrial surfaces.          ...

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Pulling Images from the void for Clients is a dance of creativity and collaboration Cody loves. Advertising, marketing, theatrical, commercial, industrial, biological, whimsical and Sacred all play out in black and white, color, oils, acrylic, watercolor or gouache.   “Illustrating for the Nutcracker Ballet was an amazing honor, to participate in reinterpreting the legacy!” Cody Chancellor I was in charge of delivering the entire ballet’s painted sets. The panels of the background murals were 8′ x 12′ tall, stretched light muslin. They flipped like the pages of a  book, and were double sided. That’s 45′ across and 12′ tall. There...

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