Project Skill: craft

Creation Process

The creation process for me it the most sacred. It’s a spirited dance of inspiration, materials, concepts, space, ┬átime and money. Sometimes it’s a solo journey both in my mind and through the creation. Sometimes I dance with a client, finding thier dream and layout amazing places and moments. Sometimes it ivolves more people to see the vison through, partners, collaborations, working crews, a right hand man(or woman), or an entire audience of thousands! Hah! Indead, I love to create and you must as well. So join me in a for a few glipses of the moment of creation....

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Unassociating the character and the player through micro(worm hand puppets) to MASSSIVE(Giant Puppets), Cody will charm you, challenge you, and laugh!    ...

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Furniture ~ Products

Creating objects to use, adore and pass on to your children! These creations are carved of raw materials like wood, held with sculpted steel, holding blown glass, and set stones, marble or hardware. Past present and future designs blending into each...

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