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. . . . . . .    Durring    . . . . . .   . . . . . . .    and    . . . . . . after              ...

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Creation Process

The creation process for me it the most sacred. It’s a spirited dance of inspiration, materials, concepts, space,  time and money. Sometimes it’s a solo journey both in my mind and through the creation. Sometimes I dance with a client, finding thier dream and layout amazing places and moments. Sometimes it ivolves more people to see the vison through, partners, collaborations, working crews, a right hand man(or woman), or an entire audience of thousands! Hah! Indead, I love to create and you must as well. So join me in a for a few glipses of the moment of creation....

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Fine Art

Classical techniques and materials yield a work of art that will last a lifetime. Traditional Oil Paints, or contmeporary Arcylics, and watercolors all on linen, rag, and board. Many are available at custom sizes by order. Custom carved frames for the lucky ones. The pictures you see below are representing whole series of pieces, ranging from 12 to 60. Many have been claimed by collectors but I try to get high res scans before letting them go so if there is one you would like as a print….this can be arranged. Oh, and each one of these will link...

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On stage with Paints, creating the worlds for your entertainment! Cody lays color to movie props, stages, and sets, and the players themselves! Come in and see some of the wonderful, magical scenes! His work brings him up and down the west coast of North America, Vancouver, Mendocino, San Francisco, Santa Cruz. For one instance he was called to design and paint the Circus Vardo for Flynn Creek Circus! It`s a human spectacle show involving knives, trapeze, clowning, strong man and much more. Just not any animals…get it. The Vardo would first be pulled into town to represent the...

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Lots of color and space, step back! Way back. Letès see some of these murals we’ve heard so much about. Cody paints buildings inside and out with dynamic images at times seem to emote feelings of intimacy, while others are so expressive they only come out one week a year! He paints, Bedrooms, living rooms, theatrical sets, movie props and Industrial surfaces.          ...

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