Project Skill: book


Animated, interactive stories for the Future of our reading experience. Sporting sounds, music score, games and puzzles. Geared for mobile devices yet still fun on phones and computers alike.   Goodnight Coop is available online at the iTunes store. Goodnight Coop follows the nighttime routine of a chicken coop with a lyrical tale reminiscent of Goodnight Moon and other classic bedtime books. From “the clothes on the line” to “the black and white cat”, each line resonates with a sense of importance delicately balanced alongside the simple storyline. This is truly a classic-in-the-making.   Cartoon adventures about a teenage...

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Terraformer, a story currently in development. An eco-terrorist media piece about a lush jungle being consumed by a savage machine. From the forest rises a champion to defend the trees, Nakaa! He journeys into and through the bowls of the monster reclaiming Nature in a brutal story of intense action and creation! It originated as a 4 minute animated short but is now being tooled into the rich content of e-book format. Look for it on-line at Amazon, iTunes, Kindle and … Soonish !) Illustrated by Cody Chancellor Digital tech and interactive by Sunny Chancellor Writting by Gaben Chancellor...

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