Creating fresh stories for our young and growing children with brilliant colors, vibrant characters, positive, and inspiring content. Sometimes commissioned, some still in development, or waiting publishing…

Jane and the Kraken

E-Book, In development

Jane and the Kraken

A very amazing interactive story trapped in a large production cycle. 24 page full color with ambient animations, interactive story advancing events, full sound, parallax, mini-games, in app purchases…the whole thing! Wait for it…..wait for it…..sigh

The Prize in the Skies

Prize in the Skies

This book is about to go to press, and will also be available online.

It`s a story about an alien that gets stranded when his spaceship crashes into our solar system. Find out how collaboration and the can do attitude wins the day! 16 page full color.



Paintball, the Parent Parrot


Paint Ball
Kids Book

Cartoon adventures about a teenage boy and his deceased mother, who manages to reincarnate as a feisty, funny, colorful parrot, so that they may continue on with their lives together. Love is Eternal!

Available now at Amazon for Kindle readers

Tea Rocket Adventure, mini comic, Keith Layman Ceramics

Tea Rocket Adventure


Very small custom comic inspired by the ceramics of Keith Layman, in conjunction with his art exhibition on Granville Island. Limited print run sold out (sorry)