Prodigy’s Ascension

This Graphic Novel I have been working on for 16 years! No publisher, deadline, no worries….just a work of art and personal expression. It’s about a child prodigy that invents a device of levitation. As he grows up so does his invention. Its physical nature of antigravity is mirrored in Aetwon’s spirit as he finds his way to enlightenment. The story is set in a time when his entire village is teetering on the brink of social blossom, or destruction!

Images and text play together on the page of this contemporary literary format. Text bubbles, mixed mediums, crazy themes and unexpected plot twists are all fair game in this arena. 120 Page full color, complete with final art and text through chapter 2. Still waiting for the final epiphany to complete Chapter 3!

Here is a sample page from Chapter One

Here is a sample page from Chapter Two

and Chapter 3…still needs the final art


There should (and will be) a mail list here you can join to receive notice when this becomes available. Until then…Just email me